What is a well woman exam?

Well woman exam is a yearly exam that focuses on the healthcare of women. It is recommended that you have your first wellness exam at age 13. This is an opportunity for you to discuss any questions or concerns that you might have regarding your female health. Birth control, sex, vaginal or breast symptoms, Menstrual disorders, etc. 

You will also get a physical exam that usually includes a breast exam and an external (or internal) genital exam. 

The pap test is performed starting at age 21 and is usually performed every 3 years in young patients and every 3-5 years in older patients. The pap test is a screening test for cervical cancer. If the pap test is ever abnormal, then it might be recommended that you have closer interval pap tests and sometimes additional examinations. 

Sometimes blood testing and mammograms will also be recommended during these visits. 

Patient Portal

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