What does labor look like?

There are several signs that you might be going into labor. True labor is a combination of regular painful uterine contractions coupled with cervical change 


Labor contractions usually last 30-70 seconds with a gradual onset and intensity. They are usually so uncomfortable that you cannot walk or talk. They occur regularly and are usually less than 3 minutes apart from each other when you are in active labor.

Cervical change

The cervix will start to open up and thin out during labor. This can sometimes be seen as an increase in vaginal discharge or bleeding.

Water breaks

This can occur as a gush of fluid or a small constant trickle of fluid from the uterus. It is often confused with vaginal discharge or bladder incontinence. If you believe that you have broken your water it is important that you be seen by your provider or in the hospital as soon as possible.

Diarrhea or nausea often returns. There is often lower back pain and cramps. And sometimes the baby “drops” in the pelvis. 

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